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Our story

Kadino has a 25 years-old tradition. With its proficient production and sanitary practice, this company has managed to set up “Kadino” on the domestic & foreign markets as a brand with the greatest image and trust. KADINO Company is the first Mill-baking industry in the world which has started up the idea of handcrafted production of traditional filo products BUREK Pie & Twirled BUREK.


Тhe most up-to-date laboratory on the Balkans has been integrated into the company as to ensure the quality of its products, and it carries out analyses on the qualities of different types of wheat flours with complete solutions for the Mill-Baking Industry, Brabender (2008 technology). The company has obtained the integrated ISO 22000, HACCP system, HALAL standard, that are a guarantee for high-quality ecological products and professional organization. Our wheat flour is top quality, due to our Brabender equipped laboratory, which is constantly analysing all the physical, chemical and rheological characteristics of wheat and wheat flour.

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