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Wheat Flour

Moeto Brasno

Moeto Brasno

Kadino has a 25 years-old tradition. With its proficient production and sanitary practice, this company has managed to set up “Kadino” on the domestic & foreign markets as a brand with the greatest image and trust. KADINO Company is the first Mill-baking industry in the world which has started up the idea of handcrafted production of traditional filo products BUREK Pie & Twirled BUREK.


Wheat Flour - Type 400

Integral Wheat Flour

Special purpose for croissants - Type 500

Wheat Flour - Special purpose for Burek, Pizza and other pastries - Type 400

Extra White - Type 400

Kadino Industry Group

St.10 No.43 Kadino, MK

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+389 2 2581 404

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