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guarantee for high-quality ecological products

Excellent gourmet pastries

Kadino has a 25 years-old tradition. With its proficient production and sanitary practice, this company has managed to set up “Kadino” on the domestic & foreign markets as a brand with the greatest image and trust. KADINO Company is the first Mill-baking industry in the world which has started up the idea of handcrafted production of traditional filo products BUREK Pie & Twirled BUREK.

Wheat Flour

Moeto Brasno

Frozen Filo Dough Pastries

Kadino Products are not only made to answer the modern demands, but as well to cultivate and maintain the traditional cooking. All products have following distinguishing characteristics: 100 % Handcrafted and Unique | Premium Quality | Natural ingredients | No artificial gluten added | No additives | No preservatives | Lower level of fats | Famous Southern Shape

Filo Pies

Traditional handmade Burek Pie

Filo Twist Pies

Traditional handmade twirled Burek Pie

Filo Bites

Handmade Filo Bites

Mini twirled filo pies

Traditional handmade twirled Burek Pies

Kadino Industry Group

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